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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
6:46 pm

Hey, I'm new here. Not sure if this vid's been posted before (sorry if it's a repost!)


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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
9:33 pm - Hello

Hi I am new to the group.
A bit about me
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I am looking forward to seeing more from like minded members of this community. And feel free to ask me any questions of your own!

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Saturday, February 21st, 2009
1:15 pm - update

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More Pics

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Saturday, January 31st, 2009
11:49 am - It happened again last night

Friday after work i went to a local toy shop to find a longer dildo that would be easier to handle (with little or no curve at the head). Unfortunately the selection of dildos were mostly of the non harness type. Most didn't have the base flange (forgive my spelling) that you need to use it with a harness. The shop did have new harnesses that came with their own dongs and I realized that was my best shot. After a half hour of walking up and down the same aisle i bought a harness and dildo from California Exotics. I had no way of telling how big the dildo was since the box didn't say. When i opened it up at home i got very worried. This was the largest strap on dildo i had ever seen up close. At 6 1/2 inches long it was in my opinion a long (and fat) monster. I didn't test it out on myself because i was afraid i would lose my nerve so i distracted myself with electronics and getting the lubes ready.


Instead of watching the clock on my phone and driving myself insane waiting i decided to play a video game until she got here. As i took off my skirt and lubed my asshole up, she managed to change and get strapped up all by herself. We both were once again impressed by it's size so we didn't skimp on the lube.

I gave her the most through blowjob i could considering that i'm an amateur and couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth. First I wanted to do standing but even in 4 inch heels both she and the dildo were too tall.I decided to try on my back in missionary position. After she carefully positioned the head we slowly tried to slide the rest in. We didn't even get halfway before needing to stop so my muscles could relax and accept what was about to happen. Eventually it did all get inside me(painfully) but we realized that doggie style on the floor would be better for thrusting. Ass up and head down on the floor she slid into me much more easily and without pain. From there everything was smooth and great but was still a slight amount of pain whenever it was at it's deepest inside me. It hurt so good. While i didn't scream i did moan often and repeated yes in a very even but quiet voice. My moans alternated from sounding like those of a man in ecstasy to those of an overwhelmed barely legal teen girl having sex for the first time. I may have begged her not to stop but i'm not sure. When your in that much pleasure many things get hazy. I was puddy in her strong arms. I do remember her slapping my ass and scratching my back.

At some point I remember us going at in sideways on the bed with one of my legs up in the air resting on her shoulder. It was even deeper and harder then doggie style. When we finally ended up in missionary again i stroked myself lightly and it only took a few moments before i had the largest orgasm in my life. I was spent but i would not tell her to stop. She was in control and i liked it that way :). Still all good things must come to an end and she did pull out. I bet if my ass could talk it would be begging her to continue. We hugged & clean ourselves up and she left to get on with her night.

The whole experience felt better then any other sexual experience i have ever had. I have never been much of a smoker but i did on that night.It was the only way to come down from that kind of sexual high. I only hoped she enjoyed it at least half as much as i did. When i woke up this morning i experienced slight pain but i would kill to go at it again just like last night or even rougher and more creative(if that's possible)

current mood: ecstatic

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Monday, January 26th, 2009
5:47 pm - best birthday ever. long post

I haven't posted here in a long time because after breaking up with an Ex years ago I've had no girl to take my ass. Today was my first strap on experience since then. I just got finished 20 minutes ago.

I caught pieces of a conversation out on my balcony between three of my friends about a month ago. The girl was talking about how she wanted to fuck a guy in the ass. I silently debated in my mind whether to say anything or not. I did pull her aside(right before she left) and into my room but i still didn't know how to approach the subject. I settled for showing her my 'Bend over Boyfriend' dvd and simply saying that i was interested. She ended up staying 10mins or so longer then she planned but we established interest. I let her borrow the dvd. 2 weeks ago i bought the harness and dildo. It's called Bend Over Beginner.


My first time with my Ex was rushed and the dildo was too big. I wanted to avoid that so when i order mine i noted the size of both dildos. It turned out that they were both smaller then the Doc Johnson buttplug i had been using. When it got here i tested it out by myself to certain I could take it with no problem. We set the date for the today(my 24 birthday). Everything was ready.

I had started preparing by taking a bath. I shaved my legs and douche to be as clean as possible. I dress up for her in a mini-skirt and stockings and waited several hours. She was running late from work and i was concerned whether or not she would make it at all. She texted & called and I tried(and failed) to keep my growing anxiety and disappointment from bleeding over into our communications. We finally got a time window of 30 minutes.

After we got into my room the first thing i told her was to set an alarm. It took a little while to untangle the hip straps from the waist strap. When it was finally secure i took it into my mouth because i wanted the full experience. Again time was an issue so i didn't spend as much time as i wanted on my knees. The first position we tried was missionary. When i experimented by myself i found that i had to pause every so often guiding it in so my muscles relaxed. It wasn't an issue today. After the blowjob cut short i just lubed it with Astroglide and didn't even have to spread some on myself. Everything just...fit.The only way to make missionary work was to keep my legs and knees in spread the air as close to my head as i could. The dildo kept sliding out. Later on we both agreed that it was probably strapped too low. It also has a curve that can make it tricky to handle and at a mere 5 inches it didn't allow for much of an back swing by her.I flipped over and we tried doggie style for a while but still had the same backstroke issue.Only two positions allowed for the deep penetration i craved. Reverse cowgirl and sideways (sort of like spooning). Cowgirl worked out the best.

I enjoyed the whole experience. She really wanted to give me a good fucking and that made up for the shortcomings of the dildo and our short time. She scratched my back and when she was on top she leaned over me trying to go deeper and harder. It's all in the attitude. I still have positions i want to try. This time i was too deep in pleasure to try anymore then 4 positions we did.When i get paid i plan on buying a longer dildo that's straight. These are the times i live for :)

current mood: energetic

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Sunday, July 27th, 2008
11:57 pm - Got bored

xtube photos
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
5:47 pm - Promises, Promises

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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Thursday, May 1st, 2008
4:09 pm - Black Strapon Punishment

She emerged from the shadows like a panther, her silhouette bathed in candlelight. The round curves of her full Ebony frame were a stark contrast to the eight inches of protruding Black dildo that was strapped to her body. He knelt before her, humbled by her majestic and powerful presence, this Divine representation of beauty and strength. 
She caressed the sides of his face, her fingernails grazing his cheek gently. He knew his assignment without having to be told was to lick and suck that strapon to prepare it for the severe assfucking he was about to receive. He knew it wasn’t real but he wanted to show her how much he worshipped her pretend dick, how much he longed to give it pleasure. He kissed the head softly at first then licked it up and down. She moaned in appreciation as he feverishly kissed, licked, sucked and swallowed it passionately. She grabbed his head forcefully and thrust her hips forward. He gagged and choked, tears forming in his eyes, but he knew it was his responsibility to take every black inch deep in his throat. 
Thoroughly lubricated in his spit, she pushed him forcefully to the floor. “On your knees slut, I’m about to give you the ride of your life.” 
What was she doing back there? Couldn’t she see he was ready? Why was she making him wait? His asshole was thoroughly lubed and he was on he knees prepared to take everything she gave him. He’d spent many nights, in the safety of his home, riding huge black dildos, fucking himself with big hard black cocks. He could take anything she had to give him and then some. He wanted to be fucked, spanked, used and fucked some more.
He felt her hands on his thighs, her nails gently running up and down his legs. He wiggled his ass more, trying to make himself more inviting, to appear more slutty. He lowered his face to the floor and reached back to spread his ass cheeks. His asshole actually itched, needing to be filled with her ebony Strapon. 
She placed the head of it against his asshole and asked, “Are you ready bitch?” All he could do was moan and wiggle his ass more. She pushed forward slightly and the head was inside him. He grimaced in pain, the sensation of her penetrating him more intense than any of his solo play. But he would not be denied, he’d waited to long to find the Ebony Domme that would fuck him senseless, to make his boy pussy nothing more than a slutty hole to be used at her whim. 
She pushed more and it hit his spot. His dick jumped and twitched and he had to fight to regain control. He feared that he would cum without even touching himself. She was all the way inside him, buried deep in his guts. His senses were overwhelmed and he was leaking precum on the floor. 
“Tell me what you want, whore,” she said. 
“Oh Mistress, fuck my slutty pussy, rape me, take me, make me your slut, Mistress. Fuck me hard and deep ma’am. Fuck the shit out of me.” His words became a jumbled and incoherent mess. Her hands were gripping his hips; she was riding him hard. She slammed into him over and over again. He was fucking her back with everything in him and she wielded that Strapon with precision and skill. She pushed forward more and he moaned out in pleasure. All 11 inches of her Strapon were buried in his ass and, at that moment, he became an extension of his Black goddess. 
Copyright 2004 AfroerotiK

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Friday, March 7th, 2008
10:45 am - A Story

Shackled, chained and padlocked. Absolutely no escape unless you can chew through thick steel. The chains padlocked to 1/2 inch diameter rod eyebolts set into the concrete.
You are mounted on a 3.5 inch diameter butt plug attached to the top of a steel post. The plug is too physically big to fit between the bones of your pelvis so you are semi suspended, barely touching your tiptoes to the ground. There is a 22oz. ball stretcher clamped around your balls. Attached to that is a 30oz. padlock and a 3/8 passing link chain. The other end of the chain is padlocked to an eyebolt set into the concrete floor. You cannot lift up off of the plug because of the tension of the chain attached to your balls. You are bent over a steel table covered with a latex sheet. Your nipple clamps are digging into your chest against the table.

The steel collar around your neck is padlocked to a two foot chain. The other end of the chain is padlocked to an eyebolt set into the concrete wall in front of you.

Your mistress comes down to find you playing with yourself in such a way. She sees the pile of clamps. You nudge your elbow against the clamps with the serrated teeth and 10oz. padlocks attached for weight.

She padlocks your wrist shackles to the chain between the wall and your collar. Now you cannot reach the clamps attached to your nipples. She applies two of the weighted clamps to the insides of your ass cheeks right to either side of the plug you are perched upon. She applies two more in front of the plug behind your balls. The clamps burn as they bite into your flesh.

She tells you she is going up to get coffee and will be back.

She comes back down and looks around. She sees the strap-on with the 2.5 inch diameter 14 inch long dildoe attached.

She asks you, “Should I fuck you with this?”

You mumble in reply, the ball gag is strapped very tightly into your mouth and the 2 inch diameter ball is wedged securely behind your teeth. You had to wedge it in to get it there, so it is not falling out on its own accord.

She applies more clamps to your ass cheeks. The first ones have gone to a muted throb along with your nipple clamps. She hangs more weights from your ball stretcher. It feels like someone kicked you in the stomach now. As she slaps your ass making the weighted clamps move around, the feeling of your balls being pulled fades to the background. You are now freshly aware of the weighted clamps biting into the insides of your ass cheeks.

Mistress loosens the adjusting nut and lowers the 3.5 inch plug impaling your ass. You are now able to relax a little and set your feet flat on the ground. Your legs are shaking as the plug pulls from your ass. It rubs against the weighted clamps on the inside of your ass cheeks as it comes out. The shaking in your legs subsides. Your lower legs feel a bit stiff from being perched on your tip toes for over an hour.

You open your eyes for the first time in almost an hour and see Mistress standing there with the huge strap-on. She is rubbing silicone oil over it and you know you are going to get a hard fucking now.

It is good that you are pre stretched, because that huge strap-on is poised at your rectum. There is nothing you can do to stop her. Your ankles are shackled to the eyebolt in the floor so you cannot move them very far.

You feel the tip sliding into your ass. It is stretching wider now and the wide section slips in. she pushes further, how far you have no idea, but you cannot get away, you tense your legs and your arms, you feel the dildoe pushing deep inside of you. You are very full and do not know if you can take anymore.

Then she pulls out almost all the way and pushes back into you. Your ass slowly stretches to take this pummeling of the huge dildoe. She fucks you more. The weighted clamps are swaying and bumping up against the huge intruder into your ass. She slows down and then stops. She leans forward and asks if you want more.

After a pause, while you catch your breath and your legs and arms stop quivering. You slowly nod your head yes.

She pulls all the way out of you then pushes back in as far as she can push in one smooth stroke. You tense your whole body as the huge dildoe invades you. She fucks you with long strokes, pulling all of the way out every time, so each stroke is like being impaled for the first time.

You are quivering, your legs shaking. She has the dildoe in as far as it will go inside of you. Mistress reaches down and starts to remove the clamps biting into the flesh of your ass.
The burn of the clamps is soon offset by mistress trying to push into you deeper. Once the clamps are removed, she pulls out of you slowly and your body collapses on the table.

Mistress unlocks you from the chains. She leaves the shackles and collar on you. You lift yourself from the table slowly and turn to her. You pick up some padlocks and short chains. She knows what you want and you both head upstairs to the bedroom. She runs the chains through the eyelets on the leather straps attached to the bed frame and locks you in bed. You curl up and she covers you in blankets. Mistress crawls into bed next to you.

You fall asleep for a nap. Very content.

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Monday, February 11th, 2008
10:33 am - Cooler fuck

                Now as I stated in the previous tale I had made some plans with Jay after our public display in the parking lot near my home to have him come and see me while I was working, this also happened about 2 weeks ago.  Jay and I exchanged a few emails and finally agreed that he would come and see me on a day that I knew that work wasn't going to be busy.   I called him after all my coworkers left and knowing that there were cameras around I unplugged the one in the back where all the action was going to take place.  I waited for him to arrive and when he did, I grabbed him by the shirt and quickly pulled him into the back and kissed him as soon as we were safely in the back.  Our kiss did not stay innocent for very long.  It quickly turned passionate as we devoured each other.  Our mouths exploring all over each others necks, biting each other to increase the pleasure.  Our hands started roaming all over each others bodies with cock groping and ass grabbing.

                    This continued until I forced Jay to drop to his knees and told him to undo my belt as he took out my hard cock and took it into his mouth I moaned his name softly.  I pulled his face down my cock hard making him choke and gag.   I throat fucked him until he pushed me off and told me to relax, so I leaned back against the sink and let him just work my cock.  His tounge became a thinig of wonder as he licked my shaft up and down, taking care to make sure my balls were not neglected.   He did things with his tounge that were just so fantastic that I only thought were possible in a porn movie but never anything that I would ever experience.  He would alternate licks with full deep throated thrusts.   Making me throw my head back in extreme pleasure.  Moans were escaping my lips frequently, thankfully I had my iPod playing loudly so no one could hear us in our passion.  Jay kept up the fabulous blowjob, in the back room in full view of anyone, that if they wanted to could see us if they really looked.  I finally could stand no more and grabbed his head violently and started pumping away,  Jay moaned around my cock.  I pumped his mouth for a while before I noticed that he was jerking off his cock as I fucked him, I stopped fucking him and told him that there was no way in hell that he was making himself cum.  I pulled him to his feet by his cock and pushed him into the chair,  I then grabbed the saran wrap and a roll of duct tape that we have and bound his hands behind the chair.  He was all like "What the fuck do you think you are doing?"  To which I replied "Shut the fuck up if you still want use of that mouth."  He stopped complaining because he saw that I had a strip of tape in my hands that would have easily gone over his mouth.

I dropped myself down to my knees and buried my head between Jay's thighs,  I gave his cock a few good licks before I grabbed each of his legs and bound those to the chair as well,  he wisely didn't complain.  He knew that I was in charge.  After I was satisfied with his bindings I went to work on him licking and biting up from his ankles to his huge swollen cock which I thrust down my throat until I choked and then back down the other leg.  I slapped his cock a couple of times getting it nice and red and even more hard.   He only cried out in pain once.  After slapping his cock I gripped it firmly in my hand and gave it a few hard tugs before placing kisses all over that nice 7 inch cock.  I kept licking and sucking him off and on until his cock was just leaking pre-cum, which I ate greedily.  Finally I could take it no more I needed that cock in my ass.  I dragged Jay and the chair into our walk in cooler and told him I would be right back.  I pulled up my pants tucked my erection away and went out and bought some lube.  I took my time out in the main store talking with a few people before heading back into the cooler.

When I returned I found that Jay's cock had withered a little bit due to the cold and the length of time I had made him wait.  He just looked at me longing for release.  I dropped back down to my knees and used my mouth to get him back up to full mast.  He moaned loudly as I deep throated him over and over.  I worked his cock for a few minutes before I dropped my pants and lubed up my ass and Jay's cock before sitting down on his cock.  As his cock slide into my ass inch by inch I let out cries of pleasure as it went in.  Finally his cock was firmly buried in my ass and feeling so good.  I started slowly just rocking forward and back on his hard shaft massaging my prostate with his cock.  My cock became firm and started leaking precum. I could feel Jay struggling as I tormented him with my rocking motions.  Finally I moved from a rocking motion to upward and downward thrusts, small ones just enough so that Jay could feel his cock slide in and out of my ass.  He and I both moaned and the new feelings that this brought, I only could maintain this for a few moments before my ass was craving for much more.  I started slamming my ass up and down on his cock feeling his head hit home with each downward thrust.  I grabbed onto the chain link fence in front of me for support as I kept fucking him.  Behind me I could hear the familar breath sounds that Jay makes when he is about to cum and the way that his cock was swelling in my ass I knew that it wouldn't be long before my ass was filled with hot cum.  I was thrusting my ass down when I felt his body stiffen and his cock start to jerk in my ass, suddenly the warmth was filling my ass.  I sat on his cock enjoying the feel of it before unbinding Jay.

After I unbound him I bent him over the chair and lubed up his ass before slamming my cock into it.  I was so turned on and hard that I knew that I wasn't going to last long in his ass.  I pounded away forcing moans from him.  Jay was bent over the chair holding onto it as I went to town on his ass.   It wasn't long before I was crying out that I was cumming and then I collapsed on top of him.  I lay there for a moment before getting up and got dressed,  I knew that I needed to get back to my work and so did Jay.  We kissed each other goodbye and said that we would see each other at school soon.   All in all it was a more than pleasurable experience.  I think that doing it where people could observe us made it that much more fun.  I love each and every second of this experience and can't wait to do it again.

current mood: devious

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Monday, January 7th, 2008
2:24 pm - no orgasm

My Girlfriend/Mistress has discovered a way to make me cum without orgasming. It involves fisting me with a closed fist and banging up against my prostate as near as I can tell. What I do know is it kind of sucks because I cum, but I do not get the enjoyment of orgasming while I cum. And she can make me cum multiple times when she does it just right. So she proceeded to make me cum a couple of times all over my stomach. Then she took a dildo, and smeared it around in my cum on my stomach and shoved it in my mouth fucking my mouth with the cum covered dildo.

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
3:39 pm

 Hello, everyone, i'm a 23 year old male interested in buying my first dildo. I would like to buy some porn star replica. Any suggestions?

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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
12:42 pm

If you are interested

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
6:24 am
freddy67 Hello all,

I am a 39 year old male and, while I have been playing with my ass in some form since I was a teenager, I have only recently heard the term "peggging" now realize that there are women who would actually like to do this to their boyfriends.

I initally discovered ass play when I was in my early teens while discovering my sexuality and what felt good. This was limited as it was extremely taboo and, if discovered you would be labeled "gay" etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just dont consider myself gay or bi, I just like(d) things in my ass. I was limited to what I could find in the house and would be able to clean up well and in a quick manner. Mostly I was just exploring with my finger and other small objects

In my later teens I started taking care of other peoples houses. I had not had any sexual experiences with other people yet, so what I am about to tell you I still chalked up to more self-exploration. While taking care of their houses I could not resist going through their underwear drawers (and perhaps a subject of another live journal) I found myself enticed with trying on the underwear and lingire of the lady of the house. In some secret way I dreamed of being caught and dominated by the lady of the house and everything that goes with that. Again, as a teenager, any discussion of this sort of activity woule be unacceptable in most societies and certainly in the small place I lived. I was totally turned on thinking about the ladies wearing that same lingire.

As an interesting side note, I have to know and think that the people (as least the ladies) new what was going on, because I never cleaned everything perfectly and certainly things as leotards and stockings were stretched, but they never said anything. Of course the secret fantasy of being confronted and later dominated by her never left me, but, I digress a bit.

Back to the ass play. As part of this invasion of privacy, i often found the ladies' sex toys. Mostly consisting of small dildos, the "massage" vibrators or the slender phallic ones as well. I first introduce these into my ass at this time.

Later when I was in college, I was limited to ass play mostly due to lack of privacy, so if I had an opportunity it was not easy and too risky.

I met my then fiance and, while we had a good sex life at first, I was always wondering if there was ever going to be an advance by her to pleasure each other anally. She was very sexual and she liked to have her ass fingered while I was eating her out or while she was on top, she would never go there for me and I sought my satisfaction elsewhere (for this fetish alone).

While I was with her, I would do the normal ass play at home when I was free and alone. I started smooth handles and tried everything to not do this, but could not help myself. I was able to get the right zuchinnini or carrot to satisfy me for the mean time but I was really longing for someone to do that to me instead and I realized the potential, because I had the most enourmous and volumnous orgasms while I was doing this.

I continued in this way but was not satisfied. My sex life was dropping off with my wife and like many men and women have experienced, I sought satisfaction elsewhere. I first started seeing ladies giving "sensual rubdowns". This is where I really discovered the concept of being pegged. The lady that I saw realized I was inviting her to massage my asshole. She obliged accordingly but would not penetrate me. I could not help but ask her if she had any toys. "for me or you, she asked". Of course I knew I was in for something great then.

She first started with her large vibrator and would usually lube me up well, put me on my side, and push it in(while on "high")with her knee. She would reach around and masturbate me and I would explode like I never had before. She later introduced me to the ribbed strap-on which I enjoyed even more becuase she would fuck my ass while bent over the water bed. This is when I knew what I needed for sure. She used to tell me about her other clients and how much they enjoyed it as well. I only saw her a few times more as I was travelling a lot and she disappeared, but then I moved to Europe for work but that is stories for later........

If any one cares to share more stories and details privately, lets chat. wrenchofthor@yahoo.com

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
10:13 am

so i bought myself a new toy.

it's solid steel and about 2.5 pounds, around 2.5 inches in diameter.

and i found it at wal-mart for $10.

it's my new trailer ball hitch.  and it's amazing.  smooth, heavy, cool, and plenty to fill up a bottom, although not very deep.

the weight nearly pulls it out if i let it hang from my ass, but tugs my asshole very well.

check out the new gallery here: http://pics.livejournal.com/thegaper/gallery/0001ztw2


crossposted to my journal and other communities

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Monday, March 5th, 2007
12:53 am - Introduction


This is a fetish of mine and I thought I would just say hello to everyone in the group.

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Monday, February 19th, 2007
10:48 am - NSFW Plug pic

I just joined this community, so I thought I'd share a picture with you lovely people.  I'll write more about myself later, but please feel free to comment on my pic, I looooove feedback.  And ask me anything you like, I'm very open.


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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
2:08 am

New Dildo Pics! Large pics, NSFW, xpostedCollapse )

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, January 7th, 2007
10:22 pm - Love boy butt (and this blog)!

I am a male ass lover my whole life - even before all this strap-on stuff has become popular. I used to play with my boyfriend's ass in college (beads, dildos, etc...) in the early 70's and continued on from there. I mostly played with the dildos, beads and fingers (I am amazing with my fingers) and only graduated to strap-ons a couple of years ago. I have two Feeldoes but have mixed feelings about them. While they feel good I don't feel I get the thrust power I like. Plus I am extremely visual and love watching it go in and out of his asshole, which is sometimes hard with the Feeldoe because of it's position.

I like my Doc Johnson harness with it's interchangeable cocks - I strapped one gent I know last week and used all three sizes on him - one pretty monster. Well, he asked for it!!!

If you like strap-on drawings and erotic talk you can check out my blog, too - straponsalon.blogspot.com! Say "hi" if you do!

Miss F

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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
10:27 pm - i am pet

i am pet with the pretty pink asshole. i have not posted much on the group as there is just not a lot of time these days.


its the pics like these that i think would be enjoyed.

i have enjoyed taking it up the ass for several long months.

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